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Pest Solutions

We'll Inspect and Live trap

We provide all levels of pest solutions from insects, rodents, pigeons, and whatever else is a pest to you.

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No Two Pests Jobs are the Same

We believe strongly in the acronym P.E.S.T.S. No two pest jobs are the same so we treat them all individually.

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Our Satisfied Customers Speak

Know that you are in good hands and learn how we can help you from our customers' word of mouth.

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Extermination Company in Missoula MT

In every household, pest control should always be a main concern. It’s a threat to comfortable living that sometimes cannot be seen by the human eye, nor dealt with if the right professional assistance isn’t involved. Don’t let these critters take over your domain - not with Crusader Pest Control by your side.

Based in Missoula, MT, our extermination company has years of experience in pest control, with the proper tools and team to take out any insect or rodent that infest your living space. Each of our clients’ situations is treated on an individualized basis, and we’ll make sure our solutions are not temporary.

We understand that these situations can be sensitive to homeowners, so we want to hear from you regarding any questions, comments or feedback you may have with our pest control services. It is our mission to make this battle as stress-free as possible, and it is of the utmost guarantee that we’ll get the job done.

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Why Us?

Their heart has always been to bless others before themselves. Cheryl is the CEO of Crusader Pest Control and is the lovely voice that you will deal with as you schedule your appointments.

James is the lead tech and the individual that will be there to take care of the pest issues. The services that they provide are all levels of pest control from insects, rodents, pigeons, and what ever else is a pest to you. We will live trap from squirrels to skunks, fox to raccoons and relocate them.